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The Bruce Lee of creative shops.
Small is beautiful.
The one, the only…
A whole lot of MacGyver. A little bit of MacGruber. Dressed in pink.
Mostly for donuts, but anything fried will do in a pinch.
The End
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Welcome to Methodikal, Inc., a graphic design, advertising and creative communications firm in Burlington, Vermont.

Methodikal is comprised of writers, graphic designers and creative professionals who think strategically, work collaboratively and eat donuts enthusiastically.

Our job is solve our clients’ communications problems, including logo design, brand identity development, advertising, website design, video and audio production, content development, copywriting, concept development, and all the rest.

We take an artisan approach to helping our clients, putting all of our thought and effort into helping a select group of companies with their marketing, sales and business needs.

Methodikal is certified organic; our success has come from the continued trust and recommendations of our clients and the people who have worked with us.

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